Launch my blog

I decide to launch my blog.


There are four purposes that I can come up with off the top of my head.

First is practising to output thoughts.

Second is recording what I did.
I always dabble new things by impulse and end incomplete in most cases.
So I think that I need to record what I did, why I did for not forgetting completely .

Third is references for others.
When I start a new thing, I mostly refer someone’s blog. It is instructive that not only expert’s success but beginner’s failure.
So I think that my imperfect experienses will be able to help someone.

Fourth reason is studying English.
So I write this blog both japanese and english as possible.

After this

The target for now is writing one post on a weekly bases at least.

From the begining, a half year ago, I planned to dabble in some new things and to record them in the same time.
But launching blog has delayed because I could not decided handlename, domain and etc.
So for the time being, I will post looking back what I have stored from a half year ago.


I’m indecisiveness and not good at planning in advance.
I can’t do something without trial and error myself.
So for the time being it can change that blog title, format or etc.

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