Buy GPD Pocket 3 to reduce time watching smartphone

Story One year ago, I bought MacBook Air. The purpose was replacing worthless time, like surfing internet with the smartphone on bed or train, to productive activity, like writing blog. And now, I’d still not accomplished that purpose, I still addicted the smartphone. Come to think of it, in the situation, such as trying to get up on bed or commuting in train, the standard laptops are still too large. At least, the replacement device of the smartphone need to be as small as possible to hold by one hand for using with lying down on bed and standing in train.

A review about using Vanishing point fountain pen with Platinum pigment ink for a year

It’s been about a year since I started to use the fountain pen, Pilot Vanishing Point, with Platinum Pigment ink, so I review about that. Preface In general(in Japan), it is not recommended to fill fountain pens with non-genuine brand ink. So if you try, please do so at your own risk. Just recently (as of February 2022), the long-awaited genuine Pilot pigmented ink has been released! So I recommend you it strongly if you need water resistance ink with VP.

Renovation of the website and associated update of the privacy policy

This site has been renovated and the site information has been updated along with it. The specific updates are as follows. Redesign Migration to another static site generator Replacement to new theme Updated site information Change of domain name. Changed from to The old address still can be used as redirect. Changed blog name Changed from Fireturtle to `fluo10’s blog Changed privacy policy. Only domain and blog name changed The following are the inside stories.

Try XP-PEN official driver for Linux

Circumstances I replaced my display to new larger one. Then, I decided also to replace my LCD tablet to a smaller non-LCD pen tablet because there has been no space for it. As a Linux user, the trouble with such peripherals is that there are often no official drivers available for Linux. Of Course, for Wacom products, which is the most major peripherals brand, there is an unofficial driver developed

Privacy Policy

Operator Information Site Name: fluo10’s blog Operator Name: fluo10 Contact: Contact Form About copyright Unless otherwise indicated, the contents in this site ,fluo10’s blog, run by me, fluo10, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This blog is not intended to infringe on copyrights or portrait rights. If you have any problems regarding copyright or portrait rights, please contact us using the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

Look back on 2020

Although the timing is a little too late, I'm going to look back at what I did last year so that I don't forget the year and go back to square one.

Fix errors on NextCloud

Case A half year ago, I move Nextcloud and other services to new server. At that time, there was some error and alert had occurred. I fix only fatal error but not fixed other alerts. I embarked on a modification of the rest of the warning. {{ image(src=“alert.png”, alt=“Screenshot of alerts”) }} Components AWS Lightsail Ubuntu 18.04 PHP7.3 - PHP7.4 is activated too because of other application’s requirement Version of

Buy automatic chronograph watch in order to learn time managiment

Circumstances Finally last week I received the application form for cash benefit. I think about how to use this money and I remenber that I wanted mechanical watch with chronograph once but that was prohibitive price for me at that moment so I gave up. So finally I bought the mechanichal chronograph watch. Purpose I want to reduce the amount of time wasted by getting in the habit of keeping

Migrating my blog from wordpress to zola

I have started transfer from old site managed by WordPress to new site created by Zola. *At the moment, I only launched new site and not import posts from old site. I plan to do later. Situation It’s been a year since I launched my blog. It is within expectation that I post less frequently. In this year, I have done some things like moving server and changing domain then

Change site address

I moved this blog from to

The transition has been completed.
If you already bookmarked old address, please re-register.

Want to work differently with a sub-display during pc game

I want to do notes or research or other things while playing PC games. 2019/08/28 Add some method about virtualization History When I captured Splatoon, I noticed that it’s convenient that I can serch information while loading. In addition, specified for foreign game, I want to search dictionary. All pc games that I currently have will stop when the screen is inactive, so I can’t do this. Even if there are two screens with great pains, it does not make much sense.

Enable Ubuntu 19.04 Server to start over LAN (Wake-on-LAN)


I decided to suspend the file server during the daytime on weekdays to save electricity, so I have to manually cancel the suspend on a public holiday weekday. This itself is unavoidable, but at least, I want to be able to turn on remotely via LAN from the main machine rather than the power button . So I try the fanction called Wake-on-LAN.

'Turn off returning from suspend by the mouse'

There is a strange phenomenon that the main PC returns from the suspend without automatically. I was observing it, and it seemed to wake when the refrigerator groaned.

It’s not actually link PC and refrigerator, so I think the mouse is picking up the vibration of the refrigerator.

So disable to return by mouse.

Capture a game (Switch) on Ubuntu

I thought it’s not enough to bother to make an article, but I posted because it was too cumbersome when I search it.
I think If you’re a gamer who want to capture gaming display, you must have Windows PC and use it to capturing.
In my case,I use Windows10 reluctantly for only PC games, so I want to do something as much as possible on Linux,
but it would be a rare case.

Install ZFS to Ubuntu Server 19.04 and build RAID1


Less than half a year to move the PC to homebrew NAS. Because of lack of budget, My NAS has single HDD,
but now, I want to buy additional HDD and build mirroring to save my data

At first, i was going to build a raid1 with ext4 and motherboard function, but after research, I decided to install a file system called ZFS. The reasons are following,

  • The file system itself supports RAID
  • Many useful functions such as transparent compression and snapshots
  • It eats cpu and memory, On the other hand, I can think that make good use of my NAS’s specs.

Try a hot water perm with Obitsu’s wig

My doll wearing Obitsu’s long wig at first.
[50WG-S03] Obitsu Wig [New Long] 7-8inch
I want her flont side hair more shorter so I try haircut.
As a result, her front side hair jumped sideways.

If it is a wig of heat resistance, I can put hot water to perm straight.
But the Obitsu’s wig did not have the notation of heat resistance.
I can’t find anyone who tried it, but when I put hair that I cut into hot water, it was not shrink or melt, so I decided to try it out.