Buy automatic chronograph watch in order to learn time managiment


Finally last week I received the application form for cash benefit. I think about how to use this money and I remenber that I wanted mechanical watch with chronograph once but that was prohibitive price for me at that moment so I gave up. So finally I bought the mechanichal chronograph watch.


I want to reduce the amount of time wasted by getting in the habit of keeping track of time. After all, when I start a game, research, and so on, it will endlessly end up, so I want a way to easily measure elapsed time.

Why mechanical chronograph

Why not Smart phone

In case that I use the smartphone timer,if I’m using smartphone, I need to activate the timer application. Otherwise I need unlock smartphone. Any way, it takes a little more time and effort than using wristwatch timer.

Why not multi-function watch like protreck

Till this day, I use Protreck. Of course, multi-function watch like this has the stopwatch function. But since it is one of multiple functions, it is necessary to switch the mode in order to use the stopwatch (It is possible to leave the stopwatch mode but this case, I need to give up other function.) In addition, because the timer is displayed on the LCD behind the dial, it is a little difficult to see.

Why not quartz but mechanical movement

I don’t really need to be mechanical, I can only say mood. However, considering the purpose of checking frequently to check the time, I thought that it would be better to have something that is attached and fun to use.

What I bought

Finaly I bought Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono. {{ image(src=“watch.jpg”, alt=“Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono”) }}

I ordinary planed to buy Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Auto Chrono H77706553. It was a motif of the marine chronometer that was necessary to confirm the position during the voyage, and in my case, I tend to get stray anyway, so this episode was quite stabbed and I was going to buy it until I actually try it.

This wacch size = 44mm, it is apparently too large for me. I already use nearly large watch Protrek but actually look stocks, Khaki navy pioneer is more incompatibility.

プロトレックとか、Gshokのようなアウトドア系のでかいのはデザイン自体ごつくてなんぼなところがあり、見慣れていてるのにたいし、このデザインでこのサイズはかなり浮きそう いや、そもそももともとファッションを気にするたちでもないので、ほしいものを買えばいいとおもいつつ、一方で気にしないからこそ悪目立ちは避けたいという思いもあり… –>

How try it

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