Topic of the last half year; condition and habits

My physical conditionIt has improved a lot in the last six months, and i’ve reduced about lateness and fidgeting .


In the first time, Last year I was very unstable because I started living alone and I have some changes in my work.
But during that time, I had some trial and error to change this condition, and this year I had some good results.

What helped me improve

Reduce caffeine

I replaced coffee to caffeine-less that.
In conclusion, I get up and down better. It seems that the caffeine taken during the day did not come out until night.

Reduce lunch

Because I redused the caffeine , I needed to take another action against drowsiness. So I reduced my lunch.
I was worried that I would be hungry, but it have been no problem.
I think reducing caffeine cause to relieve the hunger on an empty stomach.

Cchang glasses

Because it is found that I feel the glare stronger than other people, I tried the light-shielding glasses
I tried it in the store and certainly felt it easy, but finally I purchased another glasses, Ray Guard 435 because the light-shielding glasses was too expensive, and when I tried the glass I bought ,I feel easy like light-shielding glasses.

It’s been about six months since I started using it, and it’s obviously less dazzling and easier.

Replace tablet to laptop.

Because of lack of my willpower, I couldn’t stop watcing 2ch or playing games on IPad every morning , so I couldn’t start the next thing, and as a result i was late or waseted my time.

On laptop, those things have become inconvenient, on the other hand, Writing a note (and recently a blog) is become easier than on IPad.

As a result of replacing the tablet to a laptop, the use of time has become much more meaningful.


I think it is very important for me to change the environment around me.
On the other hand, even if I feel there is a clear improvement, I still can’t reach the level of general employment.

I’m not good at work, but in the work , I can’t change circumstans arbitrarily.

How can I do for working?

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