Migrating my blog from wordpress to zola

I have started transfer from old site managed by WordPress to new site created by Zola.

*At the moment, I only launched new site and not import posts from old site. I plan to do later.


It’s been a year since I launched my blog. It is within expectation that I post less frequently. In this year, I have done some things like moving server and changing domain then I recognized how easy to get tired I am.

When I get tired in the middle of something, so as not to forget experience, I need to log. Because I thought that, I start this blog but now, a state is this plight

Ok, forget about it. In the first place, I accept my fickle nature so that I’m able to start new things like this blog.

However, I will get tired and change something hereafter. From this point of view , master of log shoud managed not by database (like wordpress) but as text file, aren’t there?

Therefore I try Static Site Genelater (reffered to as SSG).

I selected Zola written in Rust because I’m being interessted in Rust.

If there are no problems with the trial, I will transfer other posts in old site.

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