Renovation of the website and associated update of the privacy policy

This site has been renovated and the site information has been updated along with it.

The specific updates are as follows.

The following are the inside stories.


Replacement of the theme

Until now, I’ve been using a home-made theme developed from scratch but that was unfinished.

To be honest, I knew it was not good to look at, but in these days, I had no motivation to learn more about design, so this time I replace it to this new theme, forked from the existing theme “hyde” (for Hugo) and added only the necessary functions for me.

I thought the theme would be not bad because it based on a standard theme. But as a result of adding some features like categories, sub menu, etc. then the theme become a messy and not-so-good design. So, for the time being, until I get tired of it, I’m going to fix it bit by bit.

Change of static site generator

I’ve been using Zola, a static site generator written in Rust (because I was interested in the language at the time).

This time, I decided to move to Hugo because which has more features for multi-language support. Fortunately, the configures and templates of Hugo were basically similar to them of Zola, so it was easier than I expected.

Update site information

Because I was planning to updated the site information someday, I did in this time by the way.

Change of domain

At the moment, I’m publishing this blog on a VPS, Amazon LightSail, but I’m considering using a CDN(Contents Delivery Network) in the future. In that case, with a subdomain was more convenient than without a subdomain (so-called naked domain), so I decided to change it. I considered several candidates for the new subdomain name, such as site and blog, but in the end, I got tired of thinking and decided on www as a safe choice.

Change of blog name

I’d used fireturtle, same to domain name, as the blog title. This title doesn’t give away the content so I decided to change the name to “fluo10’s blog”, something safe and easily recognizable as a personal blog.

Privacy Policy Update

This is for the above two changes. There are no changes except for the site name and url.

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