Topic of the last half year; home-built computer

The biggest event of the last six months is building computer.

I like customizing something (for example , character making or equipment system in video games), so originally, I was interested to home-build computer.
But I had been using Macintosh for a long time, so I didn’t have an opportunity.

Since the beggining of this year, I need new PC because my MacBook became to fail boot occasionally.
At first, I would buy mac mini but finary I decide to building PC because of some reason.


I had three requests in replacing pc.

Why did I want to put Windows in?

I played Skyrim after a long interval on the Switch a half years ago , and I want to play with mods.
In addition, if the PC version can be replaced subtitle file, it was also possible to study English with playing game. That is just cause for me.

In shorthand, I wanted to Play the PC version of Skyrim.

By the way ,as a result, I’m more addicted to building PC itself than games, so I play games hardly now.

Why I didn’t want to use two PCs (why I purge Mac)

I simply didn’t want to have two PCs because I don’t have enouph space in the room. The other is the cost issue, current Mac is too higher than when I bought Mac before, probably because of the falling yen.

In addition, when I think back about wherther continue using Machintosh, I notice some dissatisfaction.

Because of theese reason, I decided to purge Macintosh from the option.

Why I didn’t want Windows as the main one (why I installed Ubuntu)

It is good to install Windows for just games. However, I feel resistance to migrate all files and systems to windows solely for the purpose of the games.

In addition, I was worried Macintosh depends on Apple’s policy.
On that point,microsoft and Windows has same worry.

So, I install ubuntu, a kind of Linux.
And It can install with Windows to same one PC, that suits for me(At this time.)

Final configuration

I build one dualboot PC with ubuntu 19.04 and windows10 as main machine.
But this dualboot pc is difficult to share files between two OS,so finally decided to build more one PC as file server.
That is unplanned but there are unique fun and experience to a server(for example remote control by using ssh).

Actual state

I like it so much that I regret why I didn’t touch home-bult pc and linux.

I don’t know why I feel fun, but it’s fun anyway.

When I do something, on windows, I can it uncomplicated. On the onehand, on ubuntu, in many cases I need to search how to do it.
But because of it difficult, when I go well it, I can get a feeling of accomplishmenult. So presently I enjoy Ubuntu.

However, there are some dissatisfacion because of my lack of experience.

I select Mini-Itx mother boards and cases because my room is narrow, but now that I addict building PC, I should choise Atx because of scalable , easy to building and more options.

In all honesty,I feel like i’m going to buy Atx cases and motherboards in the near future.

I plan to purchase this Cerberus X when the time is right.
Cerberus X | Sliger

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