Try a hot water perm with Obitsu’s wig

My doll wearing Obitsu’s long wig at first.
[50WG-S03] Obitsu Wig [New Long] 7-8inch
I want her flont side hair more shorter so I try haircut.
As a result, her front side hair jumped sideways.

If it is a wig of heat resistance, I can put hot water to perm straight.
But the Obitsu’s wig did not have the notation of heat resistance.
I can’t find anyone who tried it, but when I put hair that I cut into hot water, it was not shrink or melt, so I decided to try it out.


At first, I make instant wig stand.

Round kitchen paper and wrap a head.
Stab long chopstick to it.
Put it into the canteen to stand.

Set the wig to this instant wig stand.

At this time, I realized that I should have cleaned sink , but I was already ready, so I continued.

Quickly pour boiling water over the wig.
Dry and done.


In the first place, it was not written as heat-resistant on website, so I was prepared to spoil it, but for better or worse it didn’t change much.

As a result, obitsu’s wig seems to be no problem to put hot water quickly I done. (Of course, if you want to try it, please at your own risk.)

Because of the wig seems not much change , I think I should have pour more time.

However, I think that it seems more natural compared with the previous, that was obviously too spread, so let it go at this.

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