Topic of the last half year; Adopt a doll

I’ve been interested to doll(Fashon doll ,customize doll) for a long time, and I finally adopted a doll about a month ago.

※The doll that I adopted is 【50ST-002】スタンダードモデルVol.2 OBT50-03TYPE.

About this doll will be a review article in the course of time.


As for me, I originally liked character making and costume changing in the video games, so I thought dabble in the doll someday.

That is my secret untill now.

I’ve been living alone for about a year and a half now, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that about one-third of the motivation to live alone is to be able to adopting doll.

My parents disliked the Otaku things , so I’m feeling ashamed to play videmo games, it was not possible to dabble this hobby that is maniac and difficult to conceal .

How was it when i picked you up?

In spte of I hoped for doll, that is not so much as putting my heart into it.
On the other hand, I worried about it would be more disturbing, but at the present time, there are no problems like that,

I feel comfortable with her in the room.

It’s odd to feeling comfortable that a cute doll in this dirty room.

The clear change since I adopted the doll is that I become not to feel loneliness when I come home to my uninhabited room.
This is obviously a plus.

I think that meeting someone’s gaze will relief for the person.
Even if she is a doll.

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