Reflections on the 2021 Network Specialist Exam.


It’s been two years since I started operating a server. So I took the Network Specialist exam to test my skills and to reinforce my knowledge, which was uneven due to my self-study.

I’ve been studying steadily for the past six months, but as it turns out, I made the fatal mistake, so it was impossible for me to pass.

About Network Specialist Examination

It’s probably not well known in the English-speaking world and I couldn’t find the page about it in English in wikipedia and official site. so I’ll add bellow.

Result details

I was able to pass the AM-1 and AM-2. I graded myself at 80%.

I made a fatal careless mistake that I forgot to circle for choose second of the three parts in the PM-1.1

There were three causes for my mistake.

The first is I didn’t grasp the format of the answer sheet.

The second was that when I solved past questions, I had been focusing on speed to solve in order to try more questions. At that time, I had plenty of time to spare but made a few careless mistakes. So, on the day of exam, I took my time to make no mistake and ran out of time.

The other reason was that I had transcribed the answers to the questions for self-scoring at the end of exam. I should looked back at the entire answer sheet. When the time came, I realized that I hadn’t circled question 2, but it was too late.

What I got

Even though it was a disappointing result, I’m still pretty positive about what I took.

Exemption from solving AM-1 next time.

I’m not sure of the official result, but I’m sure that I got 80% of the score. The scope of the AM-1 exam is very wide, and there are many areas that I am not interested in, such as management and law. The fact that I don’t have to study for it when I take the exam next year is very thankful!

If I had passed the exam at the first attempt, I wouldn’t have needed to take it next year…

Networking knowledge and confidence

The reason I took this exam in the first place was not to get the certification itself, but rather to learn systematically how to operate my home server and this blog. In that respect, it was definitely very useful.

In addition, even though after failing the exam, I felt confident that I could face the afternoon questions. In other words, I realize that my knowledge and experiences gained in the process of tinkering with the servers as a hobby is in line with what is required in the professional.

Of course, I didn’t get the certification, so it’s just my own opinion and there’s no evidence to support it, so I try next year again.

Confidence that I was able to tackle the exam planned

The plan is bellow.

That’s not dificult, but I’ve never been able to do this before.

Ordinally my routine was bellow.

So, it was a great progress for me to be able to follow the plan like this. 2

That’s why it’s so frustrating that the grading was cut off due to an ordinary mistake.

What to do in the future

I’ve reached my goal of learning, but now I’m not satisfied with myself, and I want to have an achievement that I can prove to others. To be honest, one year is too long, so I’m thinking of getting the CCNA before the next exam.

It’s good that CCNA is always available, but the price is ridiculously high. It’s not something I can take on as a hobby.
Fortunately, my workplace will pay for the certification, but that’s a lot of pressure, so I need to prepare a little more.

Anyway, the exam was end, so I’m going to forget about it and do what I want to do for the time being.

  1. I remember that I circled question 1 while I was in a hurry to finish solving it because I thought I didn’t have enough time. ↩︎

  2. Moreover, the last month of January was full of troubles: the toilet in my house broke down, the coating on my glasses peeled off, and I got sinusitis. ↩︎

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